About Us

Founder Daisy

My very first boyfriend named me Daisy when I was still 18. I experienced many ups and downs when I was growing up and I gradually fell in love with sunflowers. When I was 50 years old, I decided to do something I had always wanted to do when I was young. In that year, I got a sunflower tattoo on my left wrist. It symbolizes an attitude in my life, always facing the sun, exuding that kind of enthusiasm, bringing people hope and warmth. It will always be part of me as long as I am living in this world. May the message of sunflower also bring that kind of love, enthusiasm and hope to everyone!


Our Story

Founder Suki

“I can still remember our first date. You were holding a bouquet of white Casablanca. I wondered why not a rose? You told me the meaning of this flower, I felt the purity of love from the bottom of your heart.” said Suki. I was moved. Our story also begun with this flower. God gave us a very cute and innocent seed, and a family of us three living a simple but happy life. Although the days were not long, it was enough for me to remember the love for a lifetime. On the day you left, I also prepared a bunch of casablanca for you. I looked at it as if you were bring right next to me and stood by me the whole time. This is not an end, but a continuation of love. Beliving that we will reunite in heaven one day. May this flower also bless everyone around me. 


We love because he first loved us
1 John 4:19

We select seasonal flowers with unique packaging, also customizes heart-warming gifts to your love ones.

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